Fleabane Tea

Coastal Wisdom Community Enterprise has been set up for natural resources conservation and engaged the local people in community with sustainable revenues since 2015. The group has developed the local wisdom and upgraded Fleabane from “Roadside Flower” to “Hi-end Herb” under the support of all sectors. Fleabane is well-known for its medicinal properties in reducing high blood pressure, treating diabetics, improving digestion and increasing metabolism. The product is also qualified by “OTOP Nawatwithi” (One Tambol One Product Project supporting local communities’ economic) and available in dried tea, tea bag and herbal drinking water. We are developing new product “Capsule Fleabane” which is easy to consume and coming soon.

Price: Dried Tea @100 & 200 Baht

Teabag 10 grams X 10 sachets @160 Baht

  • For more information:

Group Leader: Khun Siriwan Ditha-kloy Tel: 081-940-7748

Khun Sak-Sri Ditha-kloy Tel: 081-000-0158

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