Grain Fritters (Wheel Snack) by Mommy Som-lim Recipe

Thai dessert represents Thai local wisdom and national identity in the way delicate recipe granted from generation to generation and reflect Thai consumer culture. Grain fritters (Wheel Snack) by Mommy Som-lim recipe passed down from grandmother to the current successor “Khun Pi-Patra”. Classic snack with cart wheel shape represents “Eternal Love”. Cinnamon color of stir-fried fillings made with green bean, sesame, coconut milk & coconut sugar and fried until grain fritters turned golden brown on both sides. You will obsolutely be licking your finger.

Our group is also famous for Thai-style grain bar, crispy banana, crispy potato, crispy purple potato, crispy taro and coconut rolled wafer. Delish snack with economical price at 35 baht per bag and only 100 baht for 3 bags.

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