Pork Jerky Koh-Loy

Koh-Loy Pork Jerky qualified by OTOP (One Tambon One Product) since 2004. Rough -textured pork jerky in brown-red color, traditionally seasoned to be exceptionally fragranced with refreshing Thai-style spice well-known for its medicinal properties like Coriander Seed. Coriander Seed helps in increasing metabolism, improving digestion

 and treating diabetics.

Absolutely enchanted by pork jerky in the perfect combination with grounded coriander roots & garlics, well-roasted coriander seeds and hygienic meat once you have tasted.

Selling Price: 100 & 200 Baht/Pack

Moreover, they also distribute EM Ball for water conditioning (with the price of 1 Baht/piece).

  • For more information:

Group leader: Khun Kanchana Sat-tha Tel: 081-448-6691, 091-198-5345

For EM BALL, please contact Khun Watcharin Sat-tha Tel: 081-448-8691

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