Chilli Sauce Community Enterprise, Mab-Pong, Pan-Thong, Chonburi

Agriculture is the local career of people in the area. Mab-Pong Sub-district Administrative Organization has set up Chilli Sauce Community Enterprise and developed the recommended products like Chilli Sauce and Red Curry Paste for encouraging & supporting sustainable community empowerment & development and engaging the community to achieve the sustainable incomes & worldwide recognition.

We have selected only the finest ingredients and guaranteed quality assurance.

Our products absolutely suit for your precious meal. 

Price: Chilli sauce @ 25-45 Baht

Red curry paste @ 30&100 Baht          

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Sales: Khun Arun Pin-yu Tel: 085-392-3366 Group Leader: Khun Nai-sim Nop-ram-pa Tel: 081-295-0463

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